Jet Set Style

Jet Set Style

Summer is in full swing! And while vacations help us recharge our batteries and finally relax, travel can take a toll on our skin. Dry patches, blemishes, oily skin… the list goes on. The Derivations Beauty Team has called upon the most fabulous jet setters we know to get their tips on how to look gorgeous even after a nine hour flight.


  • Fill your diet with fruit and veggies a couple of days before flying. Puffiness and bloating is caused much of the time by consumption of foods high in salt (think twice before going for those peanuts!). Eating fruits and vegetables will help keep you hydrated while fighting off bloating. Pack your favorite fruits and veggies to snack on during the flight.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Generously apply a facial moisturizer or cream about 30 minutes before your flight. If you have extremely dry skin, reapply periodically during the flight.

On Board

  • Surviving a long flight is a balance between mind and body.  Forgo sugary drinks and alcohol and go for water. Add lemon wedges for even more refreshing hydration.
  • While in your seat, try to stretch as much as possible and get up and move around every so often. Jump starting your blood circulation will keep puffiness and bloat at bay.
  • Finally, be positive! Having a good attitude and being flexible to any travel quirks does wonders at keeping you fresh-faced no matter what.