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Our skin goes through a lot each day. From sun exposure to pollution to oil and bacteria, it really gets pushed to the limits. Unfortunately all of these external factors can wreck havoc on our skin, breaking it out and prematurely aging it. At nighttime, we finally give our skin the break it deserves to heal and recover. Follow the tips below to maximize the benefits of something we all do, sleep!

  1. Get enough beauty sleep! According to the National Sleep Foundation, ideal hours of sleep vary from individual to individual, but on average most people function best with 7 to 8 hours. Not catching enough shut eye has immediate consequences in the form of dark circles, baggy under eye skin, and increased sensitivity. When this habit becomes chronic, skin becomes inflamed and aging is actually accelerated! Acne and wrinkles can occur as a result.
  2. Don't pass the salt. Avoid foods high in salt content 3 to 4 hours before bed. Salty foods lead to dehydration, which results in puffy skin and eyes.
  3. Sleep on your back. Direct contact between your face and pillow can lead to lines and creases, which may become permanent over time. The best sleep position to avoid this is laying on your back with a slightly elevated pillow.
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. We cannot stress the importance of using a night cream enough! There is a common misconception that skipping moisturizing at night is ok, because your skin needs to breathe. Skin is actually in dire need of moisture and dehydrating it can lead to lines and wrinkles. Denying our skin the hydration it craves causes our oil glands to overcompensate, resulting in clogged up pores which lead to breakouts. Derivations Ultimate Rejuvenation Night Creme is the perfect choice for all skin types to revive your skin overnight. 
  5. All about the eyes. Don't forget about the delicate skin around your eyes! It's very thin and doesn't produce much natural oil, so hydrating this particular area is of the utmost importance to prevent wrinkles. Derivations Illuminating Eye Repair cream leaves skin plump and supple, smoothing existing lines and helping prevent new ones.